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The medical detox center is currently staffed with skilled medical professionals who are expertly trained in helping patients safely and effectively cope with the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Without a controlled environment in place, your life can be in danger. With an around the clock staff and medications to help ease symptoms, medical detox ensures that the client is as comfortable as possible during this initial period of withdrawal.

Who Needs Medical Detox

Clients who require detoxification typically experience a physical addiction to a dangerous substance including prescription medications and street drugs, in addition to great discomfort from withdrawal.

The length of time required to detox depends on the client’s medical history, the length of time they abused the substance, and the extent of the drug use. The detox process should take any given addicted individual 3 to 14 days to complete.

Symptoms of Withdrawal

Different types of drugs cause varying symptoms of withdrawal. However, certain symptoms that commonly affect most clients, regardless of their substance of choice, which includes:

  • Cravings- A strong desire to use your drug of choice
  • Physical problems- sweating, tremors, chills, and flu-like symptoms
  • Mood disturbances- agitation and irritability
  • Sleep disturbances- intense insomnia and fatigue

Drug Detox Medication

Medications are typically very useful during the detox process. They can effectively help patients to safely stop using drugs and alcohol, when correctly administered by medical professionals. Depending on your circumstances, detox centers prescribe different drugs to different clients. Methadone detox therapy is one example of a powerful drug that is used to wean individuals off heroin and other strong opiates. This method of medical detox can either be the catalyst to ending a powerful addiction or it can be used to fuel an addiction, if not properly monitored. San Jose Drug Rehab employs only highly trained and experienced professionals who are skilled to manage safe detox programs and help clients to avoid future addictions.


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