Alcoholism: A Threat That Ruins the Value of Marriage

Posted: November 7, 2015 by

Alcoholic man


Marriage is one of the most significant goals in many of the people’s lives. Thus, a fruitful relationship requires trust, unconditional love, intimacy, and commitment from both sides. But when marriage and alcoholism’s paths have crossed, several problems can occur that can possibly lead to a relationship’s breaking point.

According to a study, alcoholism inside a marriage dictates how deep and long the union of two individuals will ultimately last. Listed below are some of the outcomes that can occur when alcoholism is being regarded as a major problem of a married couple:

Poor communication – People who are under the influence of alcohol tend to be more aggressive, and express more anger. Alcohol can be a reason to lose one’s ability to make effective communications and decisions. It is evident that the more the alcoholism progresses, the less communication will take place between the couple. When this kind of unfavorable communication happens, it limits the use of problem solving capabilities such as open discussion, two-way communication, and encouragement.

Less intimacy – this factor is greatly affected by the use of alcohol. Intimacy is eventually being brought into a lower level when alcohol is being included in the married couple’s everyday lives. This can happen mainly because of the alcoholic’s incapability to perform, or the absence of desire toward his or her partner. On the contrary, the non-alcoholic partner may also eventually lose desire for his or her partner, because the alcoholic turns to be unappealing them and the incapability of satisfying them when they are under the influence of alcohol.

Financial problems – the alcoholic partner is expected to spend too much money just to satisfy his or her hunger on alcohol. Thus, alcoholism can result to changes in a person’s approach on dealing with personal responsibilities. This can lead to neglecting major responsibilities which include paying bills, providing the children’s needs, buying groceries, or even the maintenance of the house.

High level of stress – alcoholics tend to understand things that their partners say in an abrogating or negative way. This can result to responding with extreme anger and not so good emotions that increases a person’s level of stress. In addition, alcohol use can cause life-threatening health problems and significantly contributes to numerous emotional complications which frequently lead to both individuals feeling depressed, alone, anxious, and even frustrated.

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