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By understanding and spotting the signs of alcoholism, you can make the life-altering choice to either propose help to a loved one or accept addiction treatment before it is too late. Along with alcohol abuse comes serious physical and psychological consequences.

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Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse not only leads to dependency, but it also causes a long list problems in a user’s daily life. Progressively increasing the frequency of consumption will begin to negatively impact your health, relationships, and daily activities. Signs of alcohol abuse include:

  • Inability to control the consumption of alcohol once drinking begins
  • Emotional instability in inappropriate situations
  • Displaying dangerous behaviors that put one’s health, finances, and legal obligations at risk
  • Indifference towards family and professional obligations
  • Irregular sleep patterns

Signs of Alcoholism

Untreated alcohol abuse will quickly progress into an addiction. Since alcoholism is characterized by a physical dependence to the substance, it is best not to wait until serious health complications, including death, occur. Symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Prolonged hangovers
  • The increased consumption of alcohol due to a high tolerance
  • Repeatedly unsuccessful efforts to decrease or cease consumption
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is not consumed
  • Negative medical problems

Alcoholism is not always slow to develop. Particularly stressful changes, such as divorces/ breakups, losses, and adjustments in employment are apt to cause an increase in the risk of developing alcoholic tendencies.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When an individual drinks to avoid withdrawal symptoms, it is an obvious indicator of dependence. Those who experience tremors before they consume alcohol in the morning should strongly consider an alcohol addiction treatment program. With that in mind, remember that alcohol detox poses greater health risks, such as death, than other drugs, which is why it must be done with the proper medical assistance. This also helps to ease the uncomfortable symptoms that withdrawal brings.


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