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Devoting your time and energy to a professional drug addiction treatment facility and a detoxification program provides more positive benefits to you and your loved ones than you may have originally thought. San Jose Drug Rehab treats each client as a whole, taking into consideration their total condition, not just the symptoms, when mapping out a treatment plan. San Jose Drug Rehab provides clients with the skills necessary to benefit their confidence, finances, social lives, and overall mental health long after release.

Experimenting with drugs one time does not mean you or a loved one has an addiction, but the individual in question should seek professional assistance to uncover the reasons why he or she feels the need to use dangerous substances. Once one does not have the ability to say no to substances while going to extreme measures to obtain drugs or alcohol, it is time to seek immediate assistance from a residential rehabilitation facility that offers both detoxification and treatment. Don’t wait until it is too late. San Jose Drug Rehab is equipped with the treatment programs required to provide clients with the therapy necessary to succeed in recovery.

Types of Programs

Since there is no single treatment program that works for everyone, San Jose Drug Rehab combines different types of plans together to tailor make a recovery program that fits each client’s specific needs. After an initial evaluation, every resident will have a program designed especially for them and as treatment progresses their medical team will adjust their therapies and medications as needed to advance in the safest, most effective way possible.


Addiction treatment programs are not meant to end with sobriety; recovery is an ongoing process. San Jose Drug Rehab not only helps clients cease drug and alcohol use, but their team of experts also prepares them to maintain a drug-free lifestyle in the long term. While in rehab, clients develop the skills necessary to properly function within their family unit, at work, and in society before their release. Since addiction is a serious disease, after being physically dependent on a substance, the majority of the population cannot simply quit using drugs and go about living a normal life. This is why San Jose Drug Rehab follows up with each former client post rehab, holds alumni functions, and offers a free 28 day tune up program for those who relapse up to one year after treatment.